The Demon Mask of Writing

This is a still from one my favorite movies: Onibaba.

That has nothing to do with this page, however, which exists to promote my writing industry.

By writing industry I mean the making of money by writing. I’ve been doing it for about ten years.

My writing industry extends to rewriting, editing and ghostwriting. Even “manuscript development” and “writing coaching.” See: Onibaba Custom Writing Media Development.

Why should you hire me? Because I can write wonderful and exciting stuff, blaze through an editing job with excellent results like nobody else alive, and turn dull prose into diamond-sharp brilliance. Why else?

Apart from the writing industry, what? I do Zen. I play the shakuhachi flute. I live in a remote place.

I’ve written at least ten novels, and published none. I have five or six more coming along. More on that here.


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